Our Vision

Eastern Vision is a Hong Kong-based global tour organiser for students worldwide.

In a generation where travelling is only one click away, traditional itinerary entailing only entertaining elements can no longer satisfy everyone’s travelling appetite. We believe journeys that engage locals and encompass the locations’ most salient issues will make a more dynamic form of tourism.

Resonating with our motto “Insights on the Road”, Eastern Vision strikes to redefine tourism and design exclusive tours which explore target destinations from multiple angles and offer unparalleled insights into local politics, culture and society. We offer a distinct experience for adventurers who are weary of cliché travel itineraries and are keen to dig into local way of life.

Students are our society’s most valuable assets. They are most receptive to information from the outside world, yet prone to bias and prejudice. We view travelling a golden opportunity to educate students to be critical of the information they receive.  Via the unique and in-depth tours we offer, students will learn to analyse global events and form their own views.

A Journey with Us

We design each and every of our tours based on prevalent or thought-provoking issues to discover, intending to drive participants to examine the historical, political, social-economical and cultural aspects of the target destination. At the same time, we preserve the entertaining and interesting parts of travelling. From tranquil countryside to the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan metropolis, we simply know the way.

Here are some of the special features of a journey if you tour with us:

Insights on the Road

We visit places of historical and social importance to ensure you are familiar with the basics of every city and community along the way. Accompanied by our experienced and enthusiastic guide, you will learn about the neighborhoods from multiple facets. 

Start Afresh

We place much emphasis on delivering a brand-new experience. Even if you have been to the city before, a major part of your journey will be fresh and unique, and will encompass experiential journeys. Examples of unorthodox journeys include riding on Soviet trams in Pyongyang, North Korea, and horse cart rides in Bagan, Myanmar etc.

Greet Insiders

We pride ourselves in offering exclusive opportunities to meet with opinion leaders, journalists, university professors, leaders of civil society, politicians, bloggers and students, who will share their own perspectives on relevant political, economic and social aspects of their home country.

Multinational Companions

Our programmes are open to students of all nationalities. We believe that international exposure is essential to understand the world around us and travelling within a culturally diverse facilitates the exchange of ideas.

Bizarrely Entertaining

A journey isn’t complete without having a blast in exotic locales. With rich travelling experiences and local know-how, we are keen to show you the best fun amid an intellectual journey. From dancing with locals in the Kaeson Amusement Park in Pyongyang, to hitting the best riverside bars in downtown Singapore, immerse yourself in local settings and have fun. Bon voyage!