North Korea Winter Delegation: Language & Cultural Exchange


27 December 2017 to 2 January 2018


North Korea Winter Delegation 冬季北韓行:語言及文化交流特別之旅 is Eastern Vision’s annual special winter programme to the DPRK to allow participants an understanding about the isolated Communist nation in the bleak winter.  Snowy streets, Korean in heavy coats and soldiers from both sides of DMZ stand toes to toes in the cold, not only will we see the side of North Korea that is very different from what we used to, we will be able to understand how the country actually operates from both economic and social perspectives in the supposedly low season for trading and cultural activities.

This year, we will be conducting an introductory Korean language course at Pyongyang University for Foreign Studies (PUFS) as well as an exchange session with the University students. It is going to be an unique experience for participants to learn about Korean from the North! We will also join the locals to celebrate the arrival of 2018, visit the mausoleum in which the two leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in lie in state, visit the Film Studio that produces Korean movies and talk to average Pyongyang citizens.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 1: 27 December 2017

Programme Started

  • Arrive at Vienna International Hotel 維也納國際酒店 in Shenyang, China 瀋陽市 within the day

Day 2: 28 December 2017

Shenyang > Dandong > Pyongyang

  • Early train from Shenyang to Dandong 丹東市, a Chinese city bordering Sinuiju (新義州) , the special economic zone built by North Korea modelling on Hong Kong
  • Train from Dandong to Pyongyang 平壤市 : throughout the train journey you will be able to meet local Koreans, from young athletes to businessmen – a great opportunity to talk with them and get a brief idea about the world’s most isolated country
  • Arrival at Pyongyang City, to be greeted by our familiar local guides
  • Visit Kim Il Sung Square 金日成廣場, where one of the largest military parades in the world is held
  • Private walking at Changjon Street 長箭街, a 18-tower complex nicknamed “Pyonghattan” by foreign diplomats
  • Overnight at Sosan Hotel 西山飯店

Day 3: 29 December 2017


  • Intensive Korean language basic course at Pyongyang University for Foreign Studies (PUFS) 平壤外語大學
  • Mansudae Grand Monument 萬壽台紀念碑, visit the two high statues of the country’s two most important leaders, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
  • Juche Tower 主體思想塔 , learn about the country’s governing idea and its survival
  • Exclusive Tram Ride 獨特電車遊, a rare chance to experience common transport tools of Pyongyang citizens. Most of the trams were assembled in the former Czechoslovakia during Soviet times before 1991
  • An exciting ice-skating session with new met friends from PUFS, and enjoy the winter fun together
  • Overnight at Sosan Hotel 西山飯店

Day 4: 30 December 2017


  • Intensive Korean language basic course at Pyongyang University for Foreign Studies (PUFS) 平壤外語大學
  • Grand People Study House 人民大學習堂, interacting with adult English students who are from various segments of the society. We will talk to the citizens about the impact of sanctions to their lives
  • Private walking at Future Scientist Street 未來科學家街 , we will walk along the new modern street built for Pyongyang’s professors and scientists
  • Lunch in the Pizza Restaurant in Pyongyang , feel the heightening influence of Westernisation in the country
  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum 祖國解放戰爭紀念館 – learn about the North Korean version of the Korean War
  • Mansudae Film Studio 萬景臺電影工場, home to a number of film sets built under the leadership of former leader Kim Jong Il, who was also a passionate director
  • Overnight at Sosan Hotel 西山飯店

Day 5: 31 December 2017


  • Kumsusan Palace of the Sun 錦繡山太陽宮 (formal dressing required) – one of the most important places for North Koreans where their two leaders lie in state
  • Extended Ride in Pyongyang Metro 平壤地鐵, the best opportunity to mingle and mix with the local Pyongyang urban dwellers
  • Arch of Triumph 凱旋門, built to commemorate the Korean resistance to Japan
  • Pyongyang International Football Institute 平壤國際足球學校, we will be able to meet talented kids and have a friendly match with them
  • Exclusive visit to a local department store 本地百貨公司 , a rare and exclusive chance to witness Pyongyang’s most popular department store that is rarely attended by foreign visitors. We will learn more about how market has started to have a impact on people’s lives, and the phenomenon of the return of capitalism
  • Taedong River Bar 大同江酒吧 , a local bar in Pyongyang – relax and have a chit chat with our friendly Korean guides there
  • Enjoy a decent New Year’s Eve dinner
  • Countdown to 2018! Join the local celebration with North Koreans at Kim Il Sung Square and watch the fireworks
  • Overnight at Yanggakdo International Hotel 羊角島國際飯店

Day 6: 1 January 2018

Kaesong, Pyongyang

  • Depart to Kaesong 開城市
  • Private Walking to Kaesong Old Town Centre 開城中心城區 and an uphill balcony, the walk in this simple and traditional city will give you a very different Korean image, one that is the exact opposite of the hustle and bustle in Pyongyang
  • Demilitarized Zone/Panmunjom 三八線/板門店 , the most fortified border on Earth that still sees the standoff between the two Koreas
  • Koryo Museum 高麗博物館 , a UNESCO heritage that preserves ancient Korean relics
  • Return to Pyongyang
  • Arch of Reunification 統一門, a sculptural arch dedicated to the three Charters of Korean reunification
  • Farewell dinner with our Korean guides at a duck BBQ Restaurant
  • Overnight at Yanggakdo International Hotel 羊角島國際飯店

Day 7: 2 January 2018

Pyongyang > Dandong

  • Bongsu Church 鳳岫教會
  • Arrival at Dandong in the afternoon
  • Discussion session on current issues related to North Korea, facilitated by our North Korean expert. We will reflect on the North Korean society under the leadership of Kim Jong Un (also called the Byungjin era 並進時代, the emphasis on both military advancement and economic development)

End of Programme

  •  The accommodation of this night in Dandong is also included

*The above itinerary is for reference only and is subject to change. Registrants will receive a full itinerary with programme details via email.

Programme Fee and other information

*Note 1: Walk In Hong Kong Limited (License No.: 353919) is the responsible tour operator of this programme.

*Note 2: South Korean, United States and Japanese Passport Holders are not allowed to join the trip.

*Note 3: For our policies concerning the security of travelling to the DPRK, please click here.

Programme Fee: HKD 9,200 (USD 1,245)

Click here for Tertiary financial assistance options 大專生財政援助

Our Programme Fee includes

  • Application for visa to the DPRK
  • Transportation from Dandong to the DPRK and return (inc. taxes and surcharges)
  • Transportation in Dandong, Shenyang and the DPRK
  • Shared twin-room accommodation in Shenyang(1 night), Dandong (1 night) and the DPRK (5 nights)
  • All meals in China and the DPRK (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Two tour guides and one driver per group
  • One Eastern Vision tour mentor per group
  • All entry fees to museums
  • Academic materials
  • Stamp duty (0.15% of Programme Fee) required by Travel Industry Council Reserve Fund as an ethical compensation for participants against bankruptcy or abscond of travel agency that obstructs participants from punctual departures


  • Extra meals or souvenirs in the DPRK and China
  • Insurance*
  • Your China visa of double entry**
  • Transportation from Hong Kong (or your place of origin) to Shenyang (Dandong), China***

*An appropriate and adequate travel insurance is a condition of travelling to the DPRK.

**For some passport holders who need to acquire a visa to enter China, you are reminded to secure a proper visa for double entry, as we will go in and out of China twice.

***Our programme starts at Shenyang and ends at Dandong. You are free to arrange your own flights/trains to Shenyang. However, we also facilitate a separate, non-bundled Group Flight Option via our responsible tour operator Walk In Hong Kong Limited if you depart from Hong Kong:

Outbound (Hong Kong – Shenyang): 27 December 2017
Inbound (Shenyang – Hong Kong): 3 January 2018

Both flights are operated by China Southern Airline. Connecting bus service between Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and Vienna International Hotel/Shenyang Train Station will also be included.

If you choose to arrange your flight by your own, you can still join our Transit Package, which includes the transit means in Shenyang and Dandong only. You can find more details in the Programme Guideline (you will receive this after registration).