Director and Co-founder

Soon after graduating from the University of Hong Kong, Rubio oversaw the HK-ASEAN trade relation for the HK Government. He later decided to found Eastern Vision to cultivate global mindsets among youth of HK and other places via developing insightful travel programmes. He has travelled to the DPRK (North Korea) for 15 times and earned unprecedented access to the world’s most isolated country.


Director and Co-founder

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, Jamie is a frequent traveller to contentious corners of the world, including the DPRK, Burma, India, Tibet, etc. He believes that global education is consequential for everyone in this era and travelling is the best way to understand the world. With Eastern Vision, he is dedicated to curate in-depth travel experiences that will seamlessly integrate education into the itinerary without compromising the fun of travelling.


Chief Advisor

Graduated from University of Oxford and Yale University, Assistant Professor in Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Shen is one of the few International Relations scholars originating from Hong Kong who earned both international recognition and local prominence. Widely recognised in Hong Kong’s polity and civil society notwithstanding, Simon dreams of being a true global citizen, and live out his life philosophy of travelling with depth and style.


Chief Advisor

An erstwhile academic, a former ministerial aide, and a man of finance in his previous incarnation, Paul is principally an avid traveller, both modestly for fun, and a bit more lavishly for the corporate world. When not wandering around the globe, he can be found temple or village-hopping on the edges of Hong Kong. As the founder of Walk in Hong Kong, a leading walking tour company in town, Paul acknowledges the importance of local touch in bringing out the most memorable travel experience to visitors.


Chief Marketing Executive

With an academic background in Journalism and Sociology, Priscilla specialized in digital marketing after graduating from the University of Hong Kong. She is never tired of carrying her backpack to visit the most exotic places, and have some insightful discussions with her couchsurfing hosts.


Business Development Executive

Not many people appreciate the real inspiration from adversity and from challenge, from stepping outside the house a little and taking a look at what’s outside. Timothy sees the potential of travelling in redefining what the world means to someone and what it means to be part of the world. With a background in Technology and Finance, he also brings to the team and integrates into our itineraries a unique set of business insights and acumen.


Senior General Manager

Vivian grew up in a road-tripping kind of family so she attributes this to be her root cause for a desire to explore the world. She studied the weird combination of anthropology and comparative law for her bachelor’s degree, and is currently doing her post-graduate degree in Hong Kong.


Project and Contect Executive

After a field trip in India and an exchange in South Korea, Anna took the road less traveled by. Being a Journalism graduate, she believes it is essential for people to understand the world by footprints rather than fingers on the screen.


Scandinavian Correspondent

Jonas is the Scandinavian correspondent for Eastern Vision. He was born and raised in Denmark, and is currently doing a Bachelor of Finance in Copenhagen Business Academy. After spending half a year in Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea, he acknowledges the importance of an Asian perspective for European. He wishes to build synergy across both East Asia and Northern Europe and continues to discover the art of adventures and intellectual experiences via organising projects with Eastern Vision.


Singapore Correspondent

Justin is a Political Science student from the National University of Singapore. He likes to engage in conversations with strangers and believes that such conversations give access to new world experiences that we can never imagine. Justin dreams of traveling to all countries deemed to be “dangerous” with the aim of getting to getting to know the people from these countries personally. While travelling, he often does his best to document everything that happens with hopes of sharing his travel experiences and conversations with others. “If everyone could see that we, citizens of this world, are not so different after all, maybe this world would be a better place..


Singapore Correspondent

Courtney sees a value in traveling that lies beyond the purpose of consumption. She believes that traveling is the best way for personal growth, for realizing our insignificance, and for reminding us that at the end of the day, we are all same same but different. Besides pursuing a Psychology degree at the National University of Singapore, Courtney can be found watching Korean dramas, eating, or planning for her next trip.